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Sitting opposite a senior leader in my organisation and being told that I needed to work on my executive presence was like my world had fallen apart.  Suddenly someone was confronting me with my worst nightmare.  I wasn't enough, I'd been found out!

My name is Gail Logan, I’m a Leadership Coach and I help results-driven women to lead with more impact, influence and balance.  

Throughout my career, I'd always struggled with confidence.  Especially showing up in front of senior people, standing up presenting and generally putting my point of view across confidently.  I had been successful in spite of that, certainly not because of it.  I also realise now that much of the overwhelm, stress and anguish I've experienced have come down to my lack of self-belief and my saboteur tendencies of hyper-achievement and people-pleasing, with a bit of a stickler being thrown in for good measure.

As a Director in a large organisation, I couldn't get away from it any longer.  It needed to be addressed.

It was then that I started working with a Co-Active Coach and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, my life's mission is to support people who are strangled by self-doubt, overwhelmed with responsibility and struggling to balance the demands of their role.    

It's time to shine.  Let's work together to overcome your self-doubt and overwhelm and unlock your passion and potential so that you can become an incredible leader.  Check out my free resources in my Leading with Impact free Hub to get started.  

Available Resources

Leading with Impact - FREE HUB

Learn how to Lead with Impact, Influence and Balance in my FREE hub.

This is where you'll find all my free resources, guides, tools, webinar recordings and more.  

Is 1-2-1 Coaching for You?

Curious about Coaching? Thinking about working with me 1-2-1?  Start here!

I understand that investing in a coaching session or programme is an important decision that you want to make sure you've got right.  

10 Ways to Crush Self Doubt as a Leader

Work your way through my 10 short steps to crush self doubt and live the balanced, fulfilled life you've been dreaming of.

Difficult Conversations Made Easy

Anxious about a difficult conversation you've got coming up?  Worried about how the other person will react?

This free worksheet will take you through 7 easy steps to set you up for success.

Presenting with Confidence

Nail your next presentation, even if you dread speaking in public!

Rock Your Presentation Mini-Programme

A short 'mini-programme' to work through at your own pace that will help you overcome your fear of speaking in public and get you presenting like a pro in no time!    

Find Your Balance in 30 Days

Find your balance in 30 days - Your fast track to ditching stress and overwhelm.

SPARK Your Confidence Mini-Programme

A short 'mini-course' to work through at your own pace that will help you spark your confidence.  Check out the bonuses inside!

Dreams Delivered: the fabulous formula to easily get what you want

Fed up, demotivated, and stuck?  Get ready to dream big and create opportunity.

Includes turbo 1-2-1 session.    


Embrace your unique talents and strengths so that you can maximise your performance, deliver exceptional value and fulfil your potential as a Leader.

£99 per month - doors open again Sept 2021


Book a 1-2-1 with me right now and we'll work together to help you get clarity, step into your strengths and find your confidence.


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